This is the earliest black ARRA selection. Ripening at the same time as Early Sweet, this selection has a beautiful, natural black colour, excellent eating quality and high fertility. This selection is remarkable for its 100% black coverage of the berries (from pedicle to tip)

  • Harvest: Veri Early
  • Optimal Brix : 18 brix
  • Flavor: Natural, sweet
  • Berry Size: 22 mm
  • Texture: Meaty and Juicy
  • Skin : Thin
  • Berry Atachment: Good
  • Rudiment: Very small green
  • Brush: Short
  • Bunches : 42
  • Tons/h : 27
  • Chilling : Medium
  • Pruning : Spur

Source : Grapaes

Translate: ARRA 83B-15 + 8 dengan tampilan warna buah hitam alami memberikan keindahan luar biasa. Masa pematangan bersamaan dengan Early Sweet. Tingkat adaptasi tinggi. More Variety

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